Dec 18, 2011
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Annoyed dog doesn’t want her bone

Shelby the Dog makes it pretty clear how annoyed and uninterested she is when a human keeps offering her a toy bone to play with. I bet she’s insisting on being given the real, rawhide version instead!

Via Daily Picks and Flicks / YouTube

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  • This is actually our video & our dog, Shelby. What she was really after was the laser pointer in the drawer. This is an example of how focused she gets when she really wants something, she won’t take anything else (sometimes, even food!) We thought it was funny and wanted to share it with our friends. Evidently, other people found it amusing too. :)

    • Oh that’s interesting, what a clever girl! She’s so clear about letting you know how she feels/what she wants (in this case, the laser pointer), she may as well be speaking in English. Well it’s an incredible video starring one super cute, super smart pup. Thanks for sharing it with the world, and please give Shelby a hug from her many new fans!


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