Sep 15, 2011
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Dog and cat are madly in love

Make sure you’ve got a portable defibrillator handy, because THIS IS IT, people. The most explosively ambitious interspecies love confection ever caught on film ever ever ever has ARRIVED! Indeed, never before have two animals of such usually opposing types ever been this snuggly, this cuddly or this floofy togethe — YEEEK! AAAACK! GAHHH!

Oops, sorry about that, my heart just stopped dead in its tracks from the nearly unbearable cuteness of this video. Lucky for me, a few quick punches to my own chest brought me back.

Anyhoo, I know what you’re thinking: “Irene, how can a single video possibly live up to this much hype? You’re not exaggerating again, are you?” YES! I mean, yes, it can and does live up to all the hype! See for yourself below. But first, whaaaa? Me, exaggerate? Nevahhh!

Okay, your turn. Behold the sublime beauty and joy that IS woof-woof-meow-meow luuuuuuv:

Via BuzzFeed / YouTube

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