Sep 21, 2011
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Another cute animal *boop*

We’ve seen what happens when a dog boops a cat on the head and then laughs out loud (the entire human population of Earth collectively saying, “Awwww!” is what happened). But what about when a mischievous rat boops a big dog on the nose? Surely, it couldn’t possibly be as cute … could it?

Oh! Well, now. Will you look at that? What utter cuteness! And it’s playing on repeat so we can watch it for as many hours upon hours as we want. My final conclusion? Yes, this boop is just as cute as the dog vs. cat boop — possibly even more so. Obviously, I need to find more of these adorable animal boops, ’cause there ain’t NO WAY we’ve seen enough of ’em. Squeeeeeee!

Via Skull Swap

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