Feb 16, 2012
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Dog food commercial is like a weapon

Purina’s latest dog food commercial is so moving, so wonderfully sublime, that it’s really more like a weapon — one that’s laying waste to the millions who see it and robbing our nation of its productivity. Can it be stopped, and can we as a people recover from the damage it’s caused? And, because we’re so powerless against this diabolical force, I also have to ask: Do we even want to stop it?

Go ahead and watch it, but be warned: This ad has been expertly calibrated to inflict maximum damage. That means it’s going to feel like someone is viciously stabbing you in the chest, over and over again, until the only thing left in there is the tiny, feeble, twitching lump that used to be your human heart.

P.S. Luckily for me, I have the cold, dead heart of a blogger, so I’ve been just fine. Even after watching it multiple times, no less!

Via Ad Week / The Purina Network

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