Feb 25, 2012
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Dog does NOT wanna see the vet

January 12, 2013 UPDATE: This adorable photo was taken at the Overland Veterinary Clinic located in Culver City, California. Be sure to check out both their website and their Facebook page to see lots more pictures of sweet patients just like this one. So stinkin’ cute!

Via The Clearly Dope on Tumblr / mivoltmaaneten / Overland Veterinary Clinic on Facebook

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  • Such a great photo. What kind of dog is that?

    • Not sure of the breed … but I’m pretty sure the dog thinks he’s a human toddler! :)

    • It looks like a soft coated wheaten terrier. I have one and he loves to be held like this.

  • [...] Via: Irene's Internet [...]

  • [...] Via: Irene's Internet [...]

  • [...] Via: Irene's Internet [...]

  • [...] Via: Irene's Internet [...]

  • This picture was stolen from our Facebook Page….please have the courtesy of either taking it down asap or put a link back to our Facebook page somewhere on the picture. Thank you.


    Juan Carvajal
    Hospital Administrator
    Amazon Animal Hospital
    & Laser Therapy Center
    727-535-5433 Line 1
    727-530-7583 Line 2
    Find us on Facebook
    Follow Us On Twitter!

    • Hi Juan,
      I just read your comment and added a source link back to the Amazon Animal Hospital Facebook page and website — if you recheck the page, you’ll see it there at the bottom along with an extra note. When I originally posted the photo, I added a link to where I first found the image (The Clearly Dope website), and then a second link to as far back as I could find for where it originated from (in this case, the mivoltmaaneten website). My goal is to share great content I find online, not appropriate it, so I’m always happy to add source links and info whenever requested. Thanks so much! — Irene

  • Um, just wanted to clarify something after seeing this posted on Buzzfeed and visiting the source they listed (I know, old post)…this was not taken in Florida, this is my local vet near Culver City, CA (Overland Veterinary Clinic).

    I can tell by the ficcus tree across the road, and the 7-11 sign that you can see through the door. It’s on the corner on Palms and Overland. Do a google maps street view on the corner of overland and palms, look directly at the 7-11, see the ficus tree on the side, see the animal clinic across from the 7-11.

    This picture could not possibly be owned or taken by the Amazon Animal Hospital, as they likely also took it from somewhere else on the internet and posted it on their facebook page. Please remove them from getting credit for this, they did not take the picture, and it wasn’t at their hospital.


  • PS. Shame on this Juan guy for trying to pull credit for this, to get them more attention on Facebook. Weak sauce dude.

  • And here’s the original, from the Overland Vet Facebook page, tagged by the person who took the picture. http://on.fb.me/VYbT4U

    • Hi Aaron,
      Thanks so much for clarifying the photo’s source. I’ve updated the credit info to include both Overland’s facebook page and their website. It’s an adorable picture — what a cute patient!


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