Nov 15, 2011
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Dressage horse dances to hip hop

Wow, this is pretty amazing, isn’t it? Just look at that horse dance in perfect sync with the music. Also, for the record? I may be a grownup now, but one thing still hasn’t ever changed, not one little bit, since I was a little girl: I WANT A HORSEY!

So, what would I do if I really-for-real had a pretty pony of my very, very own? First, I would shriek loudly, then run around in tight, fast circles, wild with excitement. Once I had the horse, I would love it to pieces! In fact, every day I would brush my horsey’s pretty coat and hug its neck and French braid its tail and hand-feed it carrots and tell it all my secrets and weave pretty ribbons into its mane and …

Via I Have Seen the Whole of the Internet / YouTube

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