Oct 23, 2011
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Gentleman Kitteh rings the doorbell

This dapper, sophisticated cat is asked to ring a doorbell when requesting entrance through a door. Elegant gentleman that he is, the cat is happy to oblige. When he later uses the doorbell for the first time, his polite request is all, “Good evening, esteemed humans. May I enter your fine establishment to partake in tasty treats and fine pettings?”

Unfortunately, that civilized first request is quickly followed by a second one that’s all, “LET ME IN! LET ME IN! LET ME IN! LET ME IN! LET ME IN! LET ME IN!” … I know; I’m shocked, too. What is this, Gentleman Kitteh? Why so obnoxious, and where have all your pretty manners gone??

Via Stuff I Stole From the Internet / Ignoramusky

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