Dec 13, 2011
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Ghost-fighting dog closes kitchen doors

Don’t you hate it when you start to leave your kitchen, then decide to turn back for more coffee — only to find all the cabinet doors and drawers suddenly, inexplicably hanging wide open? Talk about spooky! But, honestly? After the 300th time it’s not scary anymore, just annoying. Amiright??

Well, no more! Finally, we poor humans have a new defense in the neverending battle against ornery poltergeists: Specially trained, ghost-fighting dogs like the charmer below. No longer will we have to spend the entire weekend constantly reclosing all those damn doors and drawers just because we had the freaking audacity to look away from the kitchen for two measly seconds. I, for one, am looking forward to enjoying my free time once again!

Via The FW / Cute Win Fail

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