Feb 9, 2012
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Giant exercise wheel for dogs

Check out this unusual fitness contraption built just for dogs. Pretty neat, huh? Well, more specifically, it was built for some Alaskan Huskies that run fast enough to hit light speed. Right?? I mean, just watch the Husky trying it out below. He leaps in and out of that monster like it’s no big whoop, switching back and forth between a complete standstill and a full-force, pull-out-all-the-stops gallop that’s so speedy, he starts to blur. Damn it! How does he DO that??

By comparison, I once suffered a sprained ankle while engaging in a dangerous, often life-threatening activity known as “wearing flip-flops.” And, no, I wasn’t running when it happened. I was merely turning to look at some flowers behind me while shopping in the garden section of Lowes. So, yeah, I’d sure like to learn this dog’s secrets! Buuuuuuut, I guess all that really matters here is that he’s having a total blast running on that crazy wheel. So I can be generous and table the light speed mystery. For now.

Via The Daily What / YouTube

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