Oct 29, 2011
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Just goats watching goats … right?

Wrong! While it may look like nothing more than two goats watching a video of some other goats on a farm, that’s not the case. What’s really going on? Well, what we’re actually seeing here are two young, impressionable teenage goats that are so enthralled by the goat TV show they’re watching, they may as well be goat zombies.

The show that has them so captured? It’s a well known, weekly program that chronicles the lives of the goat Kardashian sisters and their families. In fact, from what I understand, it’s one of goat basic cable’s biggest hits. But is that a good thing? In other words, are these famous goat siblings setting an appropriate goat example for our nation’s goat youth? I goan’t –I mean, don’t– think so!

Via Tastefully Offensive / YouTube

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