Oct 2, 2011
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Howard the Rabbit digs like a BOSS

When Howard the Rabbit gets the chance to enjoy some fresh air in the backyard, he doesn’t waste the opportunity. Unlike other lazy bunnies that would just lay around and stretch, Howard quickly goes to work, digging like a BOSS in the middle of the yard. Just look at him go to town on that dirt, pawing at it, shoving it and moving it aside like the general contractor he is. There’s no doubt about it — Howard’s determined to dig himself a tidy little basement apartment.

Still, he’s not all work and no play. In fact, Howard takes periodic breaks from excavating to hop around the yard, do a little grooming and even nibble on some snacks. Obviously, he’s got the whole work-life balance thing all figured out. What a brilliant bunny.

After you watch all the action below, I’m sure you’ll agree with me: Howard the Rabbit doesn’t just dig LIKE a boss, he IS a boss — in everything he does!

Via Tastefully Offensive / YouTube

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