Nov 19, 2011
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Parallel universe dog visits Earth!

It’s true! Just watch this hyper little dog run around and see if you don’t get a piercing headache. That sudden pain behind your eyes? It’s not there because you find the dog’s very high level of energy so annoying — it’s there because of physics, baby!

See, scientists have recently confirmed that it’s physically impossible for this pup to move as quickly as he does. Their conclusion? That he’s actually from a parallel universe, one that’s like ours in every way except for time, which moves much more quickly and causes brains from our universe to seize and ache when exposed to it. Amazing!

The scientists have also determined that the pup’s arrival on our Earth was a complete fluke. Somehow, his tiny size, combined with his maniacal speed, allowed him to punch a hole in the barrier between his world and ours, then jump through it. And just as suddenly as he arrived on our plane of existence, he’ll eventually return home to his. With this in mind, the scientists have set up round-the-clock observation of the pup, hoping to gather as much raw data as possible before the little guy disappears. 

You’ll be missed when you’re gone, parallel-universe-hopping dog! We love you! 

Via Daily Picks and Flicks / Ignoramusky

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