Aug 24, 2011
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Play chase with Pudge the puppy!

Do your friends generally acknowledge you as being the meanest, most heartless S.O.B. they know? Well, no more, my friends. No more! In the next few minutes, that cold, dead rock inside your chest is going to thaw, warm up and finally start beating again. What, you ask, could possibly achieve this remarkable feat? Why, the amazing clip below, of course. See, what you’re about to view may be the CUTEST DOG VIDEO OF ALL TIME. That’s right, I said it. Of. All. Time. I stand by my statement!

So here’s how it goes down: Pudge, clearly the cutest Corgi EVER, is just five months old, yet he’s already mastered the fine art of “playing chase” with his human. I mean, just look at him go! Zooming around at top speeds, peeking around corners all sneaky-like, and whipping around curves so fast, his hind legs slide right out from under him. He even barks in protest after almost getting caught — he knew he nearly lost the entire game, right there. Gah! It’s all so stinkin’ cute, it huuurrrttss. Wait a minute … Is that pain from … from my heart finally beating again??

In conclusion, after watching this video several thousand times, I have come to the following final judgement regarding it:


Your adoring fan,

Pudge: 5.5 months, indoor FRAP from Corgi Addict on Vimeo.

Via OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder / Pudge der Poopster

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