Aug 30, 2011
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Professional climber kitty can CLIMB

Check out this totally adorable little whirlwind known as Moo Moo the Kitten. Awww, she’s so fluffy and energetic! Despite the extreme cuteness, however, her professional climbing skills make her a real menace to the world. In fact, home decor enthusiasts everywhere tremble in fear at the mere sight of Moo Moo, for no curtain, drape or window screen has ever survived in the wake of her destructive path.

Think I’m exaggerating? Then behold the video below for all the evidence you need and more … Wow, just listening as she climbs everything in sight is painful. So many pricey items getting shredded to bits!

THERE’S NOTHING UP THERE, MOO MOO. U so cyoot, kitteh! Why u needz destroy lyke dat??

Via Have You Seen This?! / Sweet Furr

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