Nov 5, 2011
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Surfer nearly swallowed by whale

When you watch the video below, at first it seems like nothing’s gonna happen — but then suddenly, blammo! Gaping monster whale jaws of doom come flyin’ up outta nowhere, goin’ all CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP on those poor, puny little humans, nearly eatin’ them whole!

Then, just as fast as it appears, the massive mouth sinks below the water, no doubt so the gigantic whale it belongs to can regroup and strategize its next attack on the humans above. Meanwhile, the whale’s army of airborne servants, the seagulls, swoop down from the sky to pay a noisey tribute to their leviathan master. 

The ocean is a very scary place, people. Be careful when you’re out there!

Via Neatorama / YouTube

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