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Dec 29, 2013
Irene's Internet

Jingo to the Rescue?

Jingo knows his limitations: He doesn’t have human hands, which means he can’t rescue any of the reckless humans that happen to cross his path. He’s sorry, but what can he do? After all, he’s just a …


Dec 25, 2013
Irene's Internet


Not Everyone Likes Christmas


Dec 23, 2013
Irene's Internet

You Shall Not Pass, Dog

For the most part, kittehs are much smaller in size than doggehs — but that doesn’t stop every feline from being the boss of any pup unfortunate enough to be roommies with that kitty. In fact, as this video shows, these dogs are pretty much terrified of even just walking past the cats they’re forced to live with.


Dec 20, 2013
Irene's Internet

Tiny Puppy’s First Lesson in Howling

Teensy weensy little Belka may only be 20 days old, but she’s clearly got the beginnings of some seriously wolfy pipes. She just needs to practice a little more with her patient young human teacher …

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