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Oct 19, 2011
Irene's Internet

Kayaker meets a blue whale!

OMG, this is some crazy sh*t right here, people! Especially to me, since I grew up landlocked just outside of Chicago. All I knew about the sea was the bleachy, welcome scent of chlorine that signaled a freshly cleaned swimming pool. In fact, the closest I ever came to marine wildife was this one time when I went swimming in a lake with some other kids. I was already freaked out because I couldn’t see below the surface and my feet couldn’t touch the bottom. When something slimy suddenly brushed past my legs — a poisonous fish? parasitic seaweed? flesh-eating piranhas?? — man, that was IT. All of my internal organs nearly melted right there, on the spot, from pure fright.

Anyhoo, I digress. We’re here to celebrate the whale encounter video below because, believe you me, it is the BOSS of all whale encounter videos. It shows this lone guy casually bopping around the oceantop in his barely-there kayak, when suddenly he meets up with a freaking BLUE WHALE. Yeah, that’s right! You know how crazy-big those animals get? Blue whales can stretch up to 100 feet long with a weight of 150 tons. Whaaaaa? Seriously, how can something that enormous even be alive?

But back to this kayaker guy, our brave soldier of the sea: When he meets this whale, does he soil his wet suit in terror and then hightail it back to shore as fast as his paddle will take him? Nope! Not at all. Instead, he jumps into the water for a closer look at the massive beast below. WHAT?!

NOTE: Check the video below at 1:07 and 2:11 to see the leviathan (I’m calling him Frank) up close.

Via Neatorama / YouTube

Oct 18, 2011
Irene's Internet

Genius! Baby’s French Bulldog costume

OMG this is so cuuuuuute! And so clever! LOVE. IT.

Via BuzzFeed / Ohdeeoh