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Jan 25, 2014
Irene's Internet

The Ultimate Ron Swanson Supercut

Get ready to ruin your weekend (and by ‘ruin’ what I really mean is ‘make it amazing‘) by watching this massive, 34-minute supercut of the mighty mustachioed ideal of masculinity that IS Ron Swanson of NBC’s “Parks and Rec.” Now, go forth and eat steak! Avoid people! And oppose government taxes!


Jan 24, 2014
Irene's Internet

Sustainable Kidnapping

Modern kidnappers aren’t the same stereotypical brutes of the past we so often see portrayed as thugs in TV and films. Instead, they’ve joined the movement to use only renewable, sustainable resources. In keeping with this new commitment to conservation, today’s kidnappers make every effort to leave their victims in better shape than they were before they were ever kidnapped. How very green of them!

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Jan 19, 2014
Irene's Internet

What Will YOU Decide??

Netflix decisions

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Jan 19, 2014
Irene's Internet

Key & Peele: Beware the Black Ice!

The residents of St. Paul, Minnesota, are encouraged to keep their loved ones off the streets tonight because of all the menacing, life-robbing “black ice” that’s out there. That stuff is so sneaky and tricky!

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Jan 19, 2014
Irene's Internet

People With No Kids Don’t Know

Adults who don’t have any children just don’t realize how easy they have it. For the average kid-free couple, it’s a breeze to do even the simplest of tasks, such as leaving the house in the morning, sleeping through the night without interruptions, or driving down the road in a car. You just don’t know!

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