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Feb 10, 2012
Irene's Internet

The Death Star above San Francisco

While the Galactic Empire’s been busy rebuilding the Death Star high above Earth, its also been using San Francisco as its main base of operations. For the people living there, this has taken quite some getting used to! After all, it means watching the very large, very imposing Imperial Fleet move around the city on a daily basis. Where’s a Rebellion when you need one, right??

Moved by this impressive display of military might, longtime resident Mike Horn created the compilation video featured below — and, honestly? It’s pretty startling! Also, it makes me wonder: Has Darth Vader or the Emporer visited the City by the Bay yet??

Via The Curious Brain / Mike Horn

Feb 2, 2012
Irene's Internet

Watch the latest “Hunger Games” trailer!


Via BuzzFeed / Yahoo! Movies

Jan 31, 2012
Irene's Internet

The Avengers visit “Adventure Time”

The Cartoon Network show, “MAD,” shows us what it would be like if the Avengers found thiemselves transported into the world of “Adventure Time,” the popular animated children’s TV show. Very funny!

Via Neatorama / YouTube