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Nov 9, 2012
Irene's Internet

How “Casino Royale” should have ended

If James Bond had a wee bit more common sense, would “Casino Royale” have ended any differently?


Nov 7, 2012
Irene's Internet

Feminist James Bond

Via My Jetpack

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Nov 2, 2012
Irene's Internet

“The Amazing Spider-Man” — the honest trailer

Hurray! Screen Junkies is back with a long-overdue honest movie trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Just remember, kids: With great power comes … the endless rebooting of rehashed material …

Via Screen Junkies

Oct 31, 2012
Irene's Internet

The Sexy Avengers?

Hahaha, this is so great! Kudos to these hilarious guys for going “sexy” with their Halloween costumes.

Via Memewhore

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