Nov 1, 2011
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Happy baby feeds Cheerios to dog

Aaaauuugghhh! The cuteness, people. THE CUTENESS. Because my weak-willed heart can’t bear such a massive, concentrated dose of adorableness in one sitting, I have to stop watching this video. Turn away from it, girl. It’s for your own good!

Alas, I cannot resist the awesome power before me! I must watch this ridiculously cute video just one more time, so here goes … Aw, look at that. Aren’t they so cuuuu … OUCH! Hey, what was that? Like a seizing sensation in my chest? OUCH! And that? Seriously, did someone just punch me in the ribs?

Oh, no. No, no, no. I pushed it too far, didn’t I? Watching the video below “just one more time” was too much for my poor ticker, wasn’t it? Which means the chest pain I felt was actually the first sign of non-reversible cardiac explosion! … What have you done to yourself, Irene??

Via Stuff I Stole From the Internet / YouTube

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