Oct 4, 2011
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Doritos & Taco Bell: WE’RE GOIN’ LIVE!

YIPEEE! It’s truly true and really real and it’s actually HAPPENING, you guys! Our dream that Taco Bell would start serving Doritos-flavored taco shells is no longer just a fanciful wish upon a magical star — it’s now a reality! A delicious, crunchy, nacho cheesy reality! YEESSSS!

Well, okay, it’s not happening for all of us, just Bakersfield and Fresno to start. These two lucky-duck cities are located in the middle of California, hours from either San Francisco or Los Angeles. Why were they picked? What made those places so special? Why isn’t Taco Bell rolling this out nationally? Why have the rest of us been forsaken? Why, Taco Bell? WHY??

Via Best Week Ever / L.A. Times

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