Nov 8, 2011
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Girl Scout Cookies as flavored lip balms?

Oh. My. God. The Girl Scouts have finally figured out how to keep their cookie addicts — I mean, customers — hangin’ all year long, waiting on the edge of their seats for cookie-sellin’ season to roll around again. But, come on. Lip balm?? That stuff’s already damn addictive with no flavoring. If you then go and do something crazy like add in the radiantly delicious, scrumtrulescent Girl Scout Cookie flavors (Thin Mints, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Samoas and Tagalongs) we all know, love and devour like rabid animals, then, well, you’re gonna end up with some seriuosly hooked consumers stumbling around.

In the near future, will that A&E cable television show about helping addicted people be able to hold a mass intervention for the millions of folks who will have turned into “balm addicts?” These newly lost souls will be easy to recognize, too. After all, they’ll be mere shadows of their former selves, consumed with only one goal in life: scoring more Girl Scout Cookie-flavored lip balms. It’ll be so sad to have seen them deteriorate like that!

 Via That’s Nerdalicious / Shine

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