Jul 11, 2012
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“7 Minutes in Heaven” with Jon Glaser

For quite awhile now, I’ve been harboring a massive nerd crush on Mike O’Brien, host of the wildly funny web series, “7 Minutes in Heaven.” In each episode, Mike interviews a celebrity inside a small clothes closet for about 7 minutes. He also follows the rules of the teen game with the same name, so he has to try to smooch/make out with each celeb guest before the interview ends. For an especially funny example, check out this ep featuring Jon Hamm.

Normally, I’d say I’m madly crushing on Mike as a fellow nerd, but he’s actually a writer for “Saturday Night Live,” which is pretty freaking cool beyond belief, so it’s probably more accurate to say I’m crushing on his public nerd persona more than anything else. Whatever it is … eyes luvs itz!

Via Yahoo! Screen

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