Mar 28, 2012
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“7 Minutes in Heaven” with Jon Hamm

Comedian Mike O’Brien hosts a brilliant Web series, called “7 Minutes in Heaven,” in which he invites celebs to his closet for an interview … aaaaannd anything else that might develop during those seven intimate minutes. That’s because, in keeping with the frisky game his show is named after, Mike also tries to score smooches from his guests. In fact, in this latest episode, Mike welcomes none other than the delicious Mr. Don Draper –I mean, actor Jon Hamm. And, while their conversation gets off to a great start, it’s the hubba-hubba ending that’ll leave you breathless. Oh, my!

P.S. I was really hoping Jon would hawk his famous food product, Jon Hamm’s John Ham, but, sadly, that doesn’t happen. Booooooo.

Via The Hollywood Reporter / Yahoo!7 Minutes in Heaven

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