Aug 20, 2011
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Anderson Cooper adds self to Ridiculist

Yesterday, while reporting on how French actor Gerard Depardieu drunkenly peed in the main cabin area of a plane, Anderson Cooper completely lost his compusure, giggling uncontrollably for several minutes. Today, he bravely addressed the giggle storm by doing what needed to be done: He added himself to his own Ridiculist.

Speaking candidly, Anderson both chided and defended his on-air laughter, squarely placing the blame for it on the overabundance of clever, silly puns sprinkled throughout the report. He also explained he’s not the first anchor to do this, noting several other reporters — local as well as national — who have similarly lost their cool while on the air. And, of course, he played a video clip for each hilarious example he cited. 

Overall? An excellent recovery, Anderson. Kudos to you!

Via Bits and Pieces / YouTube


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