Jan 2, 2012
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Bike, shave and paint — at the same time??

Today in crazy multitasking challenges, Mr. Let’s Paint TV (John Kilduff) attempts to complete three difficult tasks at the same time: riding a bike, shaving his face and painting a portrait. You know, I bet the idea for this was born when John and his buddies went out drinking one night. Can’t you see it?

After a few beers, they started complaining about their jobs, about how hard it is to get anything done anymore with all the calls, emails and meetings constantly interrupting them. “Yeah,” said one guy. “It’s like trying to ride a bike, shave your face and paint a picture, but all together. Hello? Not possible.”

And that’s exactly when our hero sat up, narrowed his eyes and said, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

Via Unique Daily / Let’s Paint TV

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