Aug 29, 2011
Irene's Internet

Buh-bye, Hurricane Irene

Welp, it’s been fun being a big, scary storm these last few days. The image below pretty accurately sums up everyone’s feelings about my visit to the East Coast. Whatevs — y’all loved me and you know it! C’mon, don’t pretend like we didn’t have some epic times together …

Remember the zillions of hilarious tweets from comedians and regular folks alike? The too-funny signs painted on all those boarded-up buildings? And my personal favorite, the whacky shenanigans that went on behind news reporters broadcasting live in the field? Ahhhhhh, such good times. Such good times!

Okey-doke, I’m off to party with all my Eastern Canadian peeps now, so I guess I’ll get going. Smell ya later, everybody! 


Hurricane Irene 


Via Boing Boing / Flickr

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