Oct 20, 2011
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“CSI: Miami” — the Legoland version

“CSI Miami,” the hit CBS TV show about a team of criminal forensic investigators, along with star David Caruso’s trademark sunglasses maneuver, finally gets the Legoland treatment it’s long deserved. Amazingly, the toy version features the same gritty, true-to-life portrayal of the aftermath of violent crime that the live show is known for. Haha, just kidding! “CSI Miami” is, of course, perfectly ridiculous in every way possible.

But, honestly? That’s exactly what makes this kooky TV show so freaking awesome to watch. And each time Caruso does his famous sunglasses thing, it’s like, YEEEEAAAHHH! Icing on the cake, baby! Icing on the cake.

Anyway, the Lego version below is clever, hilarious and even more awesome to watch than the actual show … Wait, wait. It’s more awesome than the original? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??

Via Warming Glow / YouTube

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