Jan 13, 2012
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“Friday the 13th” — Jason joins OK Cupid!

Aww, how sweet: In honor of today (it’s Friday the 13th), Jason Voorheez, the compelling, A-List star of the many “Friday the 13th” slasher movies, has created a profile page on OK Cupid, the online dating website. Clearly, this proves how much Jason’s been grossly misunderstood over the years, and what he’s really been doing all along is lookin’ for love, just like the rest of us — which is exactly what I’ve suspected all along, thankyouverymuch!

Anyway, here’s my favorite quote from Jason’s new profile: “The real question is, what am I doing with *your* life. The simple answer is, I’m probably ending it.” Wow. Just, wow. Why is this sexy gem of a guy still SINGLE?? Amiright, ladies?!

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Jason from "Friday the 13th" joins OK Cupid

Via The Happy Place

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