Dec 28, 2013
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How To Do Contemporary Dance

C’mon, admit it: You’ve always wanted to show off your super-fly dance moves, but there’s a problem: You never really learned how to do them in the first place. How could you? No one’s ever been able to crack the mystery behind the wildly complex choreography of today’s hottest contemporary dance steps.

Well, NO MORE. Meet “Contemporary Eric,” a handsome, fleet-footed wunderkind who burns up the dance floor by night, and teaches you how to do the exact same thing by day. Learn how to shake your moneymaker just like the experts do, using his patented, easy-to-learn dance moves. With sweet names like The Knee, the Zombie with Emotion, and the I Just Came Out of the Well, you’re bound to become a serious dancin’ machine – and the envy of everyone around you on the dance floor – in no time at all!


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