Nov 10, 2011
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Joel McHale, “Sexiest Man Alive” candidate

The ever-sexy and always delicious Joel McHale, everyone’s favorite actor and comedian, is known for setting hearts aflutter with l’amour. Currently, he’s holding down two very sexy jobs: He’s the sexy host of E! Television’s reality TV clip show, “The Soup,” and he’s also one of the sexy stars of the hit NBC sitcom, “Community.” With so much sexiness on his plate, it’s no wonder Joel has been named as a candidate for People magazine’s upcoming “Sexiest Man Alive” award.

To help them cast their votes, the editors asked Joel to film a video of himself being super sexy while performing an otherwise mundane, everyday activity. Does Joel succeed at his sexy task? With the help of his just-as-sexy costars from “Community,” he most certainly does. Work it, boys!

Via The Daily What / People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2011

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