Jun 8, 2011
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Check out the look politicians get after they’ve been caught in a sex scandal. Burn!

This fun stop-motion milk crate dance was made for Australia’s Most Awesome Waste of Time competition. It’s definitely time well wasted. Thumbs up!

This photo shows our beloved muppets Bert and Ernie in real life. Who knew?

Tired of using the Internet to search for information? E-Z-Fynd is your answer!

You’re kidding, right? You’re telling me delicious, chocolate-filled strawberries actually exist? In the real world?? Hurrah!

Korea’s Got Talent recently found their own Susan Boyle, a heartfelt young man named Sung Bong. His touching audition brings the show’s judges to tears. Awww.

Although he likes to play golf, Darth Vader has trouble following the rules. Oh, Darth!

The Alamo Drafthouse movie theater kicked out a teen for texting during a movie, and then she left them this hilarious voicemail complaining about it.

The little kid who gave an inspiring speech after learning to ride his bike is back — and this time, he’s speaking to the entire nation. You can do it, everybody!

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