Sep 22, 2011
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Netflix tries to make amends — again

Sensitive to the growing sense of outrage among Netflix subscribers, company president Reed Hastings has created yet another video in which he apologizes for his company’s recent, controversial rate hikes. He also outlines several innovative new offerings designed to win back the hearts of Netflix customers.

Frankly, he’s done a pretty good job of it! For example, the new EZ-Play plan takes personalized customer service to a whole new level. I, for one, am very interested! And how about that new “The Blind Side” plan, which allows users to watch unlimited copies of only “The Blind Side,” starring Sandra Bullock? Talk about clever! I bet it becomes the company’s most popular subscription plan by a wide margin.

Mr. Hastings, with this latest announcement, you’ve more than made up for your company’s recent blunders. Kudos to you!

Via Team COCO

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