Oct 25, 2011
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The Ron Swanson Halloween mask

Listen, I am NO FAN of dressing up for Halloween. The thing is, whenever I try to don a costume l feel like a Class A idiot, so, generally speaking, I never ever ever ever ever wear one. Don’t get me wrong, though. I love seeing other folks wearing fun, cute, clever costumes. Even dogs. Especially dogs, since their little costumes are always soooooo stinkin’ cute.

But! I’ve gotta say, I may turn it all around  this year and actually — GASP! — wear a costume for once. Why such crazy talk coming from Irene, a.k.a. the Halloween Scrooge? Because I just made an amazing discovery, and it’s this: The Greatest Manly Man Alive Today has his very own manly man’s Halloween mask! WHAAAAAAAAT! That’s incredible! Seriously, how can I possibly not dress up for the holiday now?? 

P.S. Ron Swanson for President of the United States! Woo hoo!

Ron Swanson Halloween Mask

Via Uproxx / Tauntr

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