Oct 4, 2011
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Melissa McCarthy wins as SNL host!

Everyone’s talking about what a fantastic job Melissa McCarthy did as host of “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend, and I couldn’t agree more. She was beyond hilarious. Really, I haven’t laughed that hard while watching SNL in a very long time. Go, Melissa! I know she just won the Emmy for best comedic actress, but she absolutely deserves to win again next year for guest hosting this episode.

Below are the three funniest skits from the show:

Arlene — Melissa plays an office drone with a hankerin’ for one of her coworkers:


Linda — Here, she plays an enthusiastic taste tester for Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing:


Lulu Diamonds — And here, she’s an old-timey actress who has trouble navigating the stairs:


HAHAHA! Man, I just laughed my ass off all over again. Melissa McCarthy FOR THE WIN!

Via Hulu

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