Mar 15, 2012
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Mr. T’s “Best Tees” t-shirt commercial

With the help of comedic actress Anna Faris, Mr. T introduces his new Tee Machine, a game-changing device that produces the very best t-shirts of all time. A lot of people today suffer from bad-fitting tees, and as a result, those people are real dillweeds. Well, no more! As soon as Mr. T’s Tee Machine is in full swing, everyone will be able to enjoy soft, form-fitting t-shirts once again. By the way, I, too, know the pain of poorly fitting tees. So often, I find that my tees are just too darn bling-dazzled … hey, waaaiiitt aaaa miiinnuutte … does that mean I’m a real dillweed, too??

Via Devour / Old Navy

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