Jan 21, 2011
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Your coffee is pretty hungry there

So every morning in the office breakroom, you start off the day by filling that dreary old mug with life-giving coffee in one hand while clutching a stack of papers in the other. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, that’s right when some precious angel –I mean, coworker–suddenly appears before you with a box of equally-life-giving doughnuts. Hurray! Only, now you need a damn third arm if you’re going to make it back to your desk with your coffee, the papers and one of those delicious, delicious doughnuts. What’s a poor office worker to do??

Why, just buy one of these lovely beauts below–and BAM! Problem solved. You have a hip, happenin’ mug, you’re the envy of the entire office and, best of all, you’re a lean, mean, beverage-and-snack-carrying machine. You’re welcome.



Via The Daily What

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  • Done!! This is what everyone is getting for Christmas this year!! Thanks, Irene. :o)

    • Haha, you’re welcome!

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