Oct 22, 2011
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Capt. Kirk sings “Bohemian Rhapsody”

BWAAAAAH HA HA HA HA!! This video is so fantastic in EVERY. WAY. POSSIBLE. And referring to William Shatner’s warbly performance as ‘singing’ is extremely generous, at best. Nonetheless! The captain’s unique style only adds to the sheer delightfulness that IS this perfect music video. Seriously, it’s easily the finest, most fantastic cover of a Queen song ever made. No lie!

HAHAHAHA! I just watched it again and I freaking love it sooo much. “Lemme go! Lemme go! Mamma mia, let me goooo!” Can we start a campaign to give our crooner and main man Shatner a Grammy for this? Because, WOW, he totally deserves one. “Nothing really matters to meeeeeeeeeee … ” 

Via Devour / ROBDTV

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