Oct 22, 2011
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Epic Mega Time’s ultimate energon cube

The evil Decepticons, the bad-guy robots from the “Transformers” movies, are back as Epic Mega Time. They’re takin’ on the Epic Meal Time guys and showin’ those human slackers HOW IT’S DONE.

Will the Decepticons be makin’ stupid burrito piles, lame pizza cakes or ridiculous bacon mountains? No way, José! The Epic Mega Time crew would never waste their time on such dumb ideas. Nope, the Decepticons are here to cook up one single masterpiece: the ultimate energon cube, which be drippin’ with 90,000 volts of PURE, DELICIOUS POWER.

Damn, that’s gonna take a lotta monster truck tire strips and energon sowse. FEAST ON THAT, haters!

Via DevourNGSMOOV Animation

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