Nov 10, 2011
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“Star Wars” and AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”

Whenever I hear “Thunderstruck,” the machismo-infused rock anthem by AC/DC, I can’t help but think of Sam and Dean Winchester, the heroic brothers out fightin’ the good fight each week on the CW’s hit TV show, “Supernatural.” LOVE those guys but I have so many questions, including: Will the traitorous Crowley help or hurt the siblings’ cause? Is their angelic pal, Castiel, gone for good? What was the deal with the sheriff lady’s recent visit to Bobby’s place? Most importantly, will the Winchester boys be able to defeat this season’s dire threat to all of humanity??

… Wow, I really careened off track for a minute there, didn’t I? What I meant to say is that from now on, whenever I hear “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC, I’ll immediately think only of “Star Wars,” the original movie by George Lucas — because this epic mashup reveals what a perfect combo the classic rock song and iconic sci-fi movie make together. Really, why didn’t anyone think of doing this sooner? 

Via Devour / YouTube

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