Jul 19, 2011
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Mixed martials arts — with a nutty twist!

Are you a fan of full-contact combat fighting like MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)? It’s always been wildly popular because, unlike boxing, MMA allows a full range of fighting techniques like grappling and striking. In recent months, however, many of the sport’s most elite athletes are leaving MMA in droves.

Where are all these top-notch fighters going? They’re rushing to join the recently formed ABB (All Balls Brawl) league, considered by many to be the next major leap forward in the evolution of full-contact combat sports.

What in the world is All Balls Brawl, you ask? Imagine how much skill, strength and strategy it takes to compete in mixed martial arts, then multiply that by a THOUSAND …

Via The World’s Best Ever / College Humor

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