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Apr 21, 2013
Irene's Internet

Dove Real Beauty Sketches — with men?

Recently, Dove, maker of many popular beauty and skin care products for women, conducted a social experiment to find out how women view themselves compared how others see them. The results were unquestionably moving, but where were the men? To make things fair and square between the sexes, the folks at New Feelings Time repeated this now-famous sketch test. Will the results surprise you?


Feb 10, 2013
Irene's Internet

Men throwing rocks with the other hand

When some guys try to throw rocks with their non-dominant hands, the results are freaking hilarious.

via Everlasting Blort

Feb 8, 2013
Irene's Internet

Pony Tales: Stories about men’s ponytails

They may come from varying backgrounds and live completely different lives, but these brave men all share one trait in common: they have the courage it takes to grow and wear long, lush ponytails.


Dec 13, 2012
Irene's Internet

Bro, you look so handsome!

Lookin' hot, man!


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