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Aug 2, 2012
Irene's Internet

Curious gopher lives under rocket launchpad

This adorably curious gopher lives happily near a rocket launchpad in Kazakhstan. He was only discovered when a camera was accidentally left running near the entrance to his home. Watch him investigate the new intruder while oblivious humans mill about in the background. Super cute!

Via The Presurfer

Jul 23, 2012
Irene's Internet

View from the ISS at night

So lovely!

Via Like Cool / Vimeo

Jul 7, 2012
Irene's Internet

This Is Our Planet

Check out this crazy-cool compilation of timelapsed video footage. It shows different clips of our little blue walnut spinning round and round in outer space, all filmed from aboard the ISS, which stands for Irene is one Sexy Sistah! … or the International Space Station, whatevs. But the really cool part is that a freaking 18-year-old kid named Tomislav Safundžić put this video together. He needs to be hired by NASA’s marketing and PR department, amiright? Great work, Tomislav. Keep it up!

Via Like COOL / Tomislav Safundžić