Oct 25, 2011
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Daylight Saving Time — and vampires?

Ever wonder what’s up with Daylight Saving Time? As in, how it works, how it got started and, most importantly, how it was (and still is) used to minimize vampire attacks? See, as the video below explains, our forefathers realized that if they tinkered a bit with our clocks during the darkest months of the year, they could add more sunlight to our days.

By doing this, they made it much more difficult for the bloodsuckers to prey on us, since exposure to daylight is deadly to the undead beasts. Indeed, the addition of DST saved many human lives, and for that, we are all grateful … Okay, okay. Maybe I’ve exaggerated slightly, but I can’t help talkin’ like it’s ALMOST HALLOWEEN OR SOMETHING! Yayy! Just a few more days to go, people!!

Anyways, this video really does take a fascinating look at the history and complexity behind Daylight Saving Time — with no mention of any vampires, I promise. Enjoy!

 Via The Best of YouTube / Grey’s Blog

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