Mar 15, 2012
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The history of the Moon

To mark the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s 1,000th day of orbit around the Moon, NASA made this cool video illustrating just how our little lunar buddy came to be. What’s so difficult to grasp is that it used to be part of us. Isn’t that weird? Scientists believe that at some point long ago, a Mars-sized planet collided with the Earth, gouging a massive hole out of the planet’s surface and sending a crap-load of debris out into space.

While some of that loose material fell back to the Earth, most of it stayed up there in space, hanging in place above us until it finally coalesced into the big ball of rock we know today. Which was kind of like the ultimate guilt-trip move, right? A perfectly intact part of the Earth was unfairly torn off, sure, but then it proceeded to stick around so it could give us the stink eye for all of eternity. Really, when you think about it, the Moon is kind of a jerk, right?

Via TDW Geeks / NASA

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