Mar 19, 2012
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Husband stumps wife with math question

Jeeeeez. Scary world we live in, right? This video is going viral, too, so I can’t help but wonder if this wife has served her husband with divorce papers yet for posting this.

Via Bits and Pieces / TC Happenings

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  • if it’s not an act then she should be happy they are married

  • Haha, agreed!!

  • I’m guessing he married her for her talents in areas unrelated to critical thought.

    • Right?? :)

    • Yeah

  • Come on guys, this is a brilliant woman and one every man wants. Her looks make up for anything lacking elsewhere. :-)

    • There are plenty of ways to get famous that are lots more humiliating, so maybe this isn’t that bad after all? … Wait, what am I saying? Yes! Yes, it is! 😉

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