Jul 2, 2011
Irene's Internet

LEGO robot has 8 legs — and my heart!

Isn’t this clever little LEGO robot just the cutest thing ever? I mean, look at those eight cuddly legs. And it can even be driven by remote control. So cute! Okay, I have an obvious question: Why do we keep bothering with lame cats and annoying dogs as pets, when far more adorable robots like this guy now exist? 

Waaaiiit aaa miiinuuute … This is exactly how the machine revolution is gonna start, isn’t it? And the first humans to fall and be enslaved by our new robot overlords will be the very schmucks who brought robotic pets into their homes in the first place.

Dammit, Irene! When it comes to robots and their ultimate intentions toward us, you’ve got to learn to be more careful. Stay on your toes, girl!

Via Make /The NXT STEP

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