Oct 20, 2011
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Oneirology, the study of dreams

Have you ever wondered why everyone dreams? I have, and here’s my theory: We dream so we can enjoy in slumberland that which would be impossible in real life — like getting to know the hunky hero from last summer’s hottest superhero movie, “Captain America.” Amiright, ladies?? Let’s recap:

Ain’t he yumma-licious? But just so we’re absolutely sure, let’s confirm our recap:

Aw yeah! Hubba, hubba! … Wait, what were we talking about? Oh right, dreams. So, the scientific study of why we dream is called oneirology, and it is my firm belief that scientists choose to pursue this field for one reason only — so they can ‘legitimately’ play this song on a loop all day while they work:

Okay, back to oneirology and why we dream. What purpose does dreaming serve? It’s pretty fascinating because no one really knows the answer. Theories abound, of course. For example, it’s possible our brains are merely constructing stories to make sense of random electrical activity that occurs naturally during sleep. Or, perhaps they’re trying to teach us how to better cope with the dangers we face during waking hours by simulating events that frighten us while we sleep. Then again, maybe they’re simply organizing new memories by replaying and then cataloguing the events of the previous day.

See what I mean? Fascinating! Also, which theory is the correct one? I WANT TO KNOW. Check it out:

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