Jan 3, 2012
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Quantum levitation on a Wipeout track — huh?

I don’t get what these scientists are trying to do, but there’s one thing about it that I KNOW with every stale fiber of my part-human, part-blogger being: What we’re witnessing here is magic. Pure magic! From the tiny sci-fi cars without wheels to the mysterious smoke trailing behind each floating vehicle, this whole thing is all swirling capes, disappearing bunny rabbits and dramatic, attention-diverting hand gestures. In fact, the entire demonstration should have been hosted by the world-famous illusionist himself, Mr. David Sexy Copperfield!

Hmmm, I’m sensing your doubts. But ya know what, DEBBIE DOWNER? You have to believe in the magic first before you get to see any of it. Jeez, don’t you know anything about how real magic works??

Via The Best of YouTube / JIST Quantum

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